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How can I become a #fossil? | @BBC_Future @john_pickrell | #paleontology

An in depth guide by John Pickrell describing seven ways how to become a fossil.

"You have to have a thick skin - much of being an academic is having people criticize your ideas." | @NatGeo | #paleontology #women

Paleontologist Susannah Maidment (@tweetisaurus) discusses dinosaurs, parenthood, and and her journey as a woman in academia. Part of National Geographic's Women of Impact series.

#Paleontology in #Montana | @CSPANCities @MORPaleo | #video

A 15:36 video from the Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman MT, features many paleontological discoveries made in Montana. Amy Atwater @AmyLynnAtwater, Paleontology Collections manager - Registrar, shows some of the fossil discoveries on display including Montana's T. rex (MOR 980).

Make Your Own #Sauropod Poop! | @SciFri | #dinosaurs #paleontolgy #K12 #activity

How did dinosurs digest the food they ate? This 3 part lesson uses modern animals as models and makes your own digetive system. Resouces include printed materials, a 12:15 audio clip on a scientific study investigating a sauropod diet, and a 7:00 video clip on coprolites from Choteau MT.

Deinonychus Changed Our Understanding of #Dinosaurs | @SciTechDaily1 | #paleontolgy #transformation

An article by Bara Badwanof Yale about the history and impact of John Ostrem's discovery of Deinonyshus by upending assumptions, sparking a dinosaur renaissance and inspring others.

In one of Ostrom’s final papers, “How Bird Flight Might Have Come About,” he gives a “last word,” saying, “The missing, unknowable fossil record can never be allowed to stifle our curiosity.”

To date a #dinosaur |@KnowableMag @LauraPoppick | #Morrison #paleontology

An article on the work by Stegosurus expert Dr. Susan Maidment (@Teetisaurus) on her Morrison Formation work.

#Paleontology and Public Lands: Access, permits, and potential land use conflicts | @AGI_Updates | #policy #data #brief

The recent Geoscience Currents from the American Geosciences Institute examines the different uses of public lands, including who is allowed to access federal public lands, the permits and expertise requires to use them, and whether or not public lands are open to commercial development for palentologica; resources.

The data brief is intended to provole thought around the juxtaposition of casual, scientific, and commercial use qnd provoke thought around prioritization. The data brief provides a summary chart of regulations and additional resource links to federal agencies.


Why did the #dinosaurs go extinct? | @NatGeo | K-Pg #extinction

An up to date summary of the evidence looking into whether the meteor impact or volcanism theories caused the world-wide K-Pg extinctions.

Tracking #Dinosaur Stomping Grounds | @Sierra_Magazine @Laelaps | #dinotracks #ichnology

A destination guide to the Stomping Grounds dinosaur tracksite outside of Moab, UT. A mixture of self-need, paleontology of the site and other nearby tracksites, and travel specifics from the writer.

The Mysterious Swimming Habits Of The Ancient #Ammonite | @SciFri | #paleontology #fossil

Lauren Young presents the findings of the current University of Utah study on the iconic and common fossil ammonite: how it swam and what was its impact on ancient oceans.