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Telling the #Dinosaur Story - National Natural Landmarks | @NatlParkService | #video series

A three part video series based on geologic time periods--the Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Creatceous. Each video contains landmark locations and interviews by BLM and NPS geologists and paleontologists.

#Wildfires Out West | @ClimateCentral | #climatechange

1 min read

Wildfires Out West from Climate Central on Vimeo.

Climate Central offers an interesting 3:13 video about the relationship between climate, drought, and wildfires in the western states. The video provides some scientific evidence about the disturbing trends we are seeing in the climate there.

#Paleontology in #Montana | @CSPANCities @MORPaleo | #video

A 15:36 video from the Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman MT, features many paleontological discoveries made in Montana. Amy Atwater @AmyLynnAtwater, Paleontology Collections manager - Registrar, shows some of the fossil discoveries on display including Montana's T. rex (MOR 980).

Make Your Own #Sauropod Poop! | @SciFri | #dinosaurs #paleontolgy #K12 #activity

How did dinosurs digest the food they ate? This 3 part lesson uses modern animals as models and makes your own digetive system. Resouces include printed materials, a 12:15 audio clip on a scientific study investigating a sauropod diet, and a 7:00 video clip on coprolites from Choteau MT.

Life and Death of a Planetary System – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System | NASA Exoplanet Program

Seven chapters describe an interstellar journey through time and scientific work on how planetary systems form. The online article includes Q and A's, news updates, and video clips. The article is organized by a timeline.


Mission #Jurassic: Searching for #dinosaur bones | @BBCAmos @BBCWorld | #jurassicmission #paleontology

A long read BBC article that describes the biggest dinoasaur exploration and excavation, in decades, in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming by The Natural History Museum of London (@NHM_London) paleontologists led by @DrPhilManning along with The Children's Museum of Indianapolis (@TCMIndy. The article includes video clips, paleoart, mutlimedia graphics and focuses on both the Morrison and Sundance Formations and their paleoenvironments.

A Tear in the Mojave | @USGS_EROS | #tectonics #earthquakes #imageoftheweek #video

A series of erathquakes in early July 2019 ruptured an shifted the surface of the Mojave Desert. This short USGS video shows the movement with Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2B images.

College Student Discovers 65-Million-Year-Old #Triceratops Skull | @nprscience | #dinosaur #discovery

A story on the June 2019 discovery of a partial triceratops skull in the North Dakota badlands. The story focuses on the growth of a dinosaur fascinated student and includes a well crafted video clip on the North Dakota expedition.

The New York Times also announced the discovery with an article on July 26th.